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Our Staff

The children's ministry has nearly 60 volunteers and we are always looking for more as we grow. We have 4 classrooms to fill and need 3-5 adults volunteering per class, per service. That's 120-200 volunteers we will need to cover the growth of these classes. With that in mind here is our ministry leaders who currently make things happen for kids.
David blue.png
Dave Simmons
Children's/Marriage Pastor
Michelle red.png
Michelle Simmons
Children's Pastor
Derana Matthews
Children's Co-ordinator

I'm a lot like the kids who walk through the door..."Whoa, what is this place and where do I go!" Here I get to do some amazing things with kids and volunteers by creating space and materials to teach a brand new generation of kids about Jesus and why he is so special.

My Favs

I love the outdoors, the clouds by day and stars by night (Hmm, that sounds a bit familar).

I love to read because reading is about learning and going on adventures. You are never too old to start reading.

I love art and everything connected to it...colors, shapes, media, tools!

I love my wife and kids! (Oh no, I'm out of space).

"It's no problem." My husband says that is my go-to phrase. But it is true, my approach to ministry- helping and connecting people is one that I believe carries the love and concern that Jesus himself displayed, I'm here to serve.


My Favs

I love children and creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere for them. 

I love working with others and seeing what we can accomplish together.

I love taking a child that does not want to stay and bring them to the place where they are comfortable and want to stay.

I love being outdoors and think that everyday is a day for a picnic!

I started helping in our children's ministry because of Pastor Michelle. We have this special connection to help one another and we even share the same birthday. I fill in wherever I am needed and find that there is always a need or a spot to fill.

My Favs

I love to color because it's relaxing.

I love dancing because it's fun exercise.

I love word finding puzzles to exercise my mind.

I love playing those time/management games on the computer because it helps me pass time when I'm bored.

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