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About Us

Elevate Life Kids is ...

Exactly like our name! It is a place for families with children who want to elevate Jesus, live life to the fullest and have fun just being a kid!

We are not baby sitters and we are not  replacements for parents. We are a staff of people who love Jesus Christ and want to introduce him into the lives of children. This is no simple task but we have lots of fun and do our best to bring stories about God and the people he leads. Not just any story...the Bible!

We use games and activities as well as coloring pages and videos to make our children's church a fun place that kids WANT to come back to. We have praise and worship, a message and time to participate just like the big people do next door.

We know that if this is your first time that kids struggle to be away from mom and dad. But we can promise you this: We will make ever effort (along with your encouragement) to help your child(ren) adjust to coming to church.  

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